HDT Taxis A brand new way to travel the island

Say hello to a taxi service like no other. HDT taxis deliver exceptional service, comfort and convenience to commuters around Singapore –in quiet, electric-powered taxis that are safe for the environment, and pleasant for passengers who prefer a blissful journey to work, home or play.

Our drivers are full-time employees who have passed stringent selection and training criteria. HDT taxi personnel are skilled drivers, service-oriented and capable of handling multiple job types, including street hails, corporate pickups and concierge services.


We are delighted be in collaboration with GrabTaxi. The popular mobile e-hailing app allow commuters to conveniently book a HDT taxi at any time, from any location across the island. A fleet of our taxis are attractively branded with the GrabTaxi name and logo.

HDT Fixed Fares

From 22 Mar, fixed fares for our taxi fleets will be launched on the Grab platform 

Applicable Fare

Fixed fare is set at the time of the booking. Capped at $100, excluding any additional surcharges listed below

Additional surcharges

ERP charges 

According to the ERP incurred during the trip

Additional waiting time

$3.00 per 5 minute wait time

Additional Drop-off, Stops, OR Distance Travelled

For 0 – 5KM, extra $5.00

For 5 – 10KM, extra $10.00

For 10 – 15KM, extra $15.00

For 15 – 20KM, extra $20.00



Available Services

  • 1

    Street hail: Flag a HDT taxi and hop on.


  • 2

    Corporate pickups: Premier road travel and service for corporate clients/guests.

  • 3

    Concierge services: Pet transport, deliveries, administrative work and more. Learn more.

  • 4

    Advertising opportunities: Build brand recognition with a platform that travels across the island, 24/7. Details.