HDT Singapore Holding is the nation’s premier name in electric vehicles and related services.

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    Established in 2013, HDT Holdings Pte Ltd is the Singapore agent of BYD Co. Ltd, a leader in the fields of IT, automobile and new energy. BYD operates offices around the globe, including Switzerland, the UAE and the US.

    Among its many accolades, BYD Co. Ltd holds the distinction of being the first company in the world to announce plans for building an electric vehicle using the environmentally-friendly Fe battery. BYD Co. Ltd has also led the way by being the first organisation (globally) to provide a fully vertically integrated solution for green energy technologies.

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    We have numerous electric charging stations to support the needs of our nation’s electric vehicle network and accelerating its growth.

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    At HDT Singapore Holding, we believe in:

    1. Creating an environmentally-friendly business with zero-emission electric vehicles.

    2. Our ability to be grow our business into a globally-recognised brand and a leading specialist in green vehicles.

    3. Achieving cost-effectiveness through low fuel (and energy) costs.

    4. Offering customers life-enhancing, differentiated services.

To learn more about our full range of services, visit our website’s Services section or contact us. Alternatively, please take a look at our corporate video to find our more!